ERIK BJORK ARCHITECT is a full service architecture firm located in Vancouver Washington and licensed in both Washington and Oregon. A small firm varied in size from 2 to 4 employees that prides itself on providing access to the principal architect and provides personal service to our clients.

We do not hide behind layers of bureaucracy or receptionists trained to shield us.

We have purposely taken on a wide variety of projects for the enjoyment of it all.

Project types include new and remodeled homes, churches, and clinics.

Large portion of our work has been office and Business Park design.

We also provide design and working details for the repair of defective buildings.

Because our clients have direct access to all of the staff, we have enjoyed the close connection that is so important in developing the final design. We are dedicated to the end result: a building or project that is attractive and functional in the way the client needs. People are often surprised by the end result, not being used to getting exactly what they want, but that is what we are all about.

EBA has served the local area for 35 years now, and attributes that longevity to hard work and sensitivity. Doing a wide variety of architectural types keeps us fresh and interested in our work and our community. It keeps us from being cubbyholed into one area.

Our residential experience also extends to apartment projects. We began our first housing project, covering a five-year time span and 120 units, in 1982. We have done numerous others over the years.

Our low overhead is passed on to our clients, and our years of experience equip us with design skills and construction knowledge that can save you headaches and money. We like to work with a few qualified contractors that we know to create the best final result and for a known price with few surprises. We can also work with one you select. Our communication skills combined with experience make the process as productive and positive as it can be.

Give us a call. Let us help you bring some clarity to the project in a first meeting where we can answer a few questions and sketch up some ideas, and if you like, provide a quote so that you will see how truly competitive we can be.

Erik Bjork Architect - Architecture and Planning
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